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Krasnodar region: problems of ethnic discrimination

More than 100 people called the hotline for victims of xenophobia, racism and anti-Semitism in the town Novorossiysk within a month.

The hotline was organized by the Novorossiysk committee for human rights with support of the European Union within the framework of public campaign against ethnic and racial discrimination in Russia.

In order to give people from isolated villages the possibility to get juristic advise, lawyers started visiting them at their homes.

In the districts Apsheronsky and Belorechensky staff members of the �mobile reception� met with dozens of local inhabitants.

The clients came with petitions, most of all about inaction of policemen who don�t stop provocations of extremist Cossack organizations.

The turk-meskhetins from the Krymsky district told that many of them get identity papers with the stamp of the Soviet Ministry of Internal Affairs. At police controls in other regions they are regarded as forged ones.

Vadim Karastelev, expert of the Novorossiysk Committee for Human Rights, thinks that not less than 80,000 people in the Krasnodar region experience ethnic discrimination.

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