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Amnesty for all Immigrants in Russia from 2007

In Saint Petersburg unidentified attackers stabbed an Indian student leaving him with lethal knife wounds. The wounded man was able to reach the student hostel where he was staying and was from there was brought to hospital. Despite all the efforts of doctors, 27 year old Singh Nitesh Kumar � a fourth year student at the Mechnikova Medical academy and citizen of India, died of his injuries.

According to the police report, at about half past nine last Sunday evening, Kumar was found with multiple knife wounds outside the residence for foreign students, at 14 Kirillovskaya Street in the city centre. The students who found him were also residents at the hostel and it was they who alerted the police and paramedics.

According to the Russian newspaper Gazeta Konstantin Romodanovsky, head of the Federal Migratory Service (FMS) for the Russian Federation, has declared that from January 2007 all illegal migrants will be offered the right to officially register for work and residency In Russia irrespective of how they arrived in the country.

The FMS plans to begin the amnesty two weeks before new migratory legislation is introduced, which will simplify the registration procedure for foreign citizens living in Russia. According to the calculations of the FMS two weeks will suffice to process up to 10 million illegal immigrants.

The opening of state borders to citizens of CIS countries and the amnesty for illegal migrants are connected to the introduction of a new law concerning �the migratory registration of foreign citizens and persons without citizenship in the Russian Federation� as well as amendments to the law concerning �the legal status of foreign citizens in the Russian Federation�. According to the new legislation visitors will need to collect almost half the amount of information that was formerly required and the time needed to acquire Russian citizenship will be reduced to one and a half months instead of the current five years.

Those who fall under the presidential program �rendering assistance to the voluntary resettlement of compatriots living abroad� will receive special privileges.

FMS plans to move new citizens into rural areas or small cities where development of factories or mines is planned.Konstantin Romodanovsky argues that this approach will solve the problem of interethnic tensions which occur in more populated areas.

Source: Novaya Politica

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