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Chernogorsk Club Was Fined For Manifestation of Racism

UEFA fined the Chernogorsk club Zeta nine thousand pounds sterling for racial attacks on the players from the rival team.

Fans of Zeta made this manifestation during the qualifying match with the Scottish Rangers in the League of Champions. Damarcus Beasly and Jean-Claude Darshevil, black players from the Scottish club suffered the attacks.

"Zeta was charged because of their fans singing songs with racist content�, said the representative of the UEFA in an interview with the �Scottish Daily Express�.

"The Chernogorsk club was fined 30 000 Swiss francs, 20 of which will be paid immediately. The remaining ten thousand will be paid by the club if its fans continue to display manifestations of racism in stadiums in the next two years.�

Source: Football.ua

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