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Russia Will Mercilessly Fight Xenophobia, Medvedev Expressed

Russia will mercilessly fight xenophobia, Russia�s first vice-premier Dmitry Medvedev, told.

"I wanted to draw attention to the fact that, in Russia we are openly looking at the problem which many states encounter, one which we are currently dealing with- the problem of xenophobia�, Medvedev informed at the Second World Forum of Foreign Graduates of Russian (Soviet) education institutions in Moscow.

"Don�t worry, all government apparatuses will mercifully fight this iniquity�, he articulated.

Medvedev also announced that Russia intends to further develop an education system not only within the country, but also abroad.

"We propose to develop cooperation in different regions as much as we can, which facilitates strengthening the status of the Russian language abroad�, he said.


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