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�African Unity� prepares application to St. Petersburg authorities about attack on mixed race girl.

The NGO African Unity is preparing an official announcement to the authorities in St Petersburg about the attack on Lilian Sissoko the vice chairman of �African unity�, Dizire Defoe, reported to the Baltic Information Agency(BIA). He announced that the full text of the document will be published March, 27 in the evening or in the morning March, 28. Its main idea is the raising of the profile of interethnic relations at a state level. Dizire Defoe emphasized that representatives of other NGOs will sign the document and support the campaign. This attack, is not simply an attack, is was an attack on an innocent child, this showed that fascist violence has risen to a new level and is no longer hidden in Russia, said D. Defoe. �African Unity� is not planning any protests about the killing as it will not help the situation.

The incident occurred when two unknown men attacked Liana Sissoko on Saturday 25 March about 9pm Moscow time. When the girl entered her block of flats, two young men followed, and stabbed her around the neck and ears. The wounds were fairly shallow. The attackers have disappeared and have yet to be found. The father of the victim is a citizen of Mali and her mother is Russian.

Source: Delovoi Peterburg

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