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Roma Camp removed by force

Near Kaliningrad a Sinti and Roma village with the symbolic name Dorozhny (Roadside) was removed, it had had a reputation for a long time as a local center of drug-dealing. According to the police, the majority of drugs originated from this area. Local authorities came to the conclusion, that there was no other way to stop the criminal business.

Special troops, the drug-enforcement agency and the police were welcomed by insults and threats from the inhabitants of the Roma village Dorozhny, which the people call the Roma camp. It is already the fifth house in this area which has been raided under a court warrant. However, for the first time police were confronted with organized protest, in which the Roma even involved children.

The majority of Roma live here illegally, without registration, and without anywhere to work. Out of fifty private residences only three were built legally. The police have constantly searched the Roma camp, located in a suburb, arresting drug-addicts and finding bags of heroin and syringes.

According to experts, a large drug-business was conducted in the house. Its owners have already been sentenced for the selling of heroin and now are in prison. According to officers of the criminal investigation department, the majority of the drugs came from the Kaliningrad area through Poland and Lithuania and go directly to the Roma camp.

It is difficult to limit this large-scale drug-dealing as they deal through intermediaries. Regular observations of the drug-enforcement agency have revealed ten points where heroin was distributed. Drug-addicts and children were also involved in the trade.

Next month authorities are planning to demolish all the other illegally constructed houses. Once the land in Dorozhny has become vacant again, it is available for the building of individual houses for the people of Kaliningrad.

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