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Murdered student commemorated in the centre of Moscow.

A memorial ceremony in memory of the recently murdered Armenian student Vigen Agamyanets was held today on Pushkin square. Reports the radio station �Moscow Echo�.

Several dozen people (in fact about 100), went to the Pushkin memorial, in order to honour the memory of the murdered Armenian student. Someone brought red carnations, another brought scarlet roses. People were reluctant to talk to journalists, but those who did, talked of the dire need to fight race crime. One of the organizers of the memorial ceremony, Abram Gushchyan, said that racial enmity can not be solved by force and violence

A pensioner, Tatyana Aleksandrovna, who also attended, thinks that many such problems stem from children�s upbringings. She deliberately brought her grandson to see the memorial ceremony.

Exactly at 4.20pm, everyone attending went into the metro, to the place where the Armenian teenager was murdered. They laid flowers at the spot where the murder occurred, next to the crossing to Tverskaya station, paused in reflection for a few moments and then dispersed.

The organizers of the event noted that the police did not obstruct them in laying flowers, but in fact helped to avoid any incidents.

Source: Radio Moscow Echo

In fact the Center for Interethnic Cooperation, on the eve of this memorial ceremony, contacted the leadership of the Moscow metro police about the intention of Armenian youth organizations to honour the memory of the murdered Armenian student. It should be emphasized, that any meetings or pickets inside the metro are categorically forbidden. Nevertheless, the Moscow police were sympathetic and allowed the placing of the flowers to take place. Before the beginning, the director of the Center for Interethnic Cooperation, Ashot Ayrapetyan, met with Dmitrii Yeramin, the deputy head of the metro police and the commander of the emergency police who were called urgently to Pushkin square.

Ashot Ayrapetyan assured the police, that participants of memorial ceremony will behave in a disciplined manner and that they would not obstruct the movement of people on the metro. To settle all remaining issues half an hour before the ceremony on Pushkin Square, there was a meeting between leaders of Moscow youth organizations and the Moscow police.

On that Saturday, at the metro station �Pushkinskaya�, there were lots of people, but the police formed a human chain to defend the young people, who quietly approached the place where the youth was killed, placed flowers and left just as quietly. Many had tears in their eyes, their grief touched passerby, far more than any slogans. After everything was over, the commander of the emergency police shook Ashot�s hand, and expressed his hope �that we won�t meet again under such circumstances�.

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