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58% of Russians who were questioned are in favor of the idea �Russia is for Russians�

The Levada Analytic Center presents new information.

Against a background of distrust of the population towards political parties, a wave of corruption, the carrying out of unpopular reforms and social discontent, the percentage of people who support the nationalist slogan �Russia for Russians� has risen extraordinarily. In June an impressive 58% supported it, as it is said in the publication.

�The majority of those who voted for this slogan are young people�, Yuriy Levada comments on the survey. �That is why this is serious and very dangerous. These are young people who learned how to earn their own money and who are independent from others, but politically they are ignorant. Nobody taught them about politics, so they somehow draw their own conclusions, for example, that all mischief is caused by immigrants.�

Moscow Bureau for Human Rights


Source: jewish.ru

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