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Training seminar in Samara


The center of international cooperation of November 24-25 in Samara has carried out the first training on a theme " Work in a team for successful negotiation with authorities and protection of the rights ". The training was carried out within the framework of the project " The Interethnic Consent ", supported by the Program пїЅThe European Initiative in the Field of Democracy and Human Rights of the European UnionпїЅ.

For stages of preparation we have solved to carry out our trainings in a country boarding house, not in a city. We were not disappointed.

The leaders of national associations, for which the trainings have been carried out as well in Moscow as in Samara, are engaged people. To sit indoors from 10.00 till 18.00, and besides two days, for them not only are difficult, but also is very not habitual. At least, we organized never before a two-day training in a boarding house for the representatives of national communities. We hoped, that the country boarding house will allow the participants of the training not only to concentrate on study, but also will help them better to get acquainted with each other. The boarding house "Strezhen" where passed the training, both on the degree of service and on quality of rooms completely corresponded to our requirements. This good even on Moscow conditions the boarding house is intended for rest of the workers from the VAZ-Company. The truth, there has not appeared of a special conference hall for trainings. But in the biggest room, 18 men were quietly located.пїЅпїЅпїЅпїЅ

From these 18 men two represented the Center of Interethnic Cooperation, 13 men local national communities, 2 local authorities, and one пїЅ Felix Karasev was specially engaged to lead the training course as the coach. Not a secret, that for successful realization of trainings the role of the coach has the extremely large importance. In our case it was required from the trainer not only skill and experience, but also skills of the leader. Another the chiefs of communities hardly could perceive. Felix has perfectly consulted with this task. He was depending on a situation very soft and cultured or rigid, as eastern despot. The participants in the training with pleasure carried out their tasks, and as a result the time of the training seminar flied very quickly. It is necessary to note, that the participation of two representatives of authorities has betrayed in training the special intrigue. For the sake of justice it is necessary to speak, as well Nadezhda Osipova - from Department on Nationalities of the Device of Administration of the Samara Region as Mikhail Fedorov from Department on Culture of Administration of the Samara Region, have begun the activity from public work. The first worked in the Chuvash Community in Samara, the second in Polish. It is one of features of work of the Samara Administration with local national communities. Nobody is afraid to involve in civil service leaders from national associations, under condition of, certainly, presence of the appropriate abilities. Nadezhda Osipova has not only recommended itself as the excellent executor, but also could achieve for national communities of Samara unknown support on the part of the Samara authorities. For example, all national newspapers of Samara receive administrative support. In other regions they do not dream about this. Due to support of Nadezhda we easily have solved organizational problems connected with realization of an educational seminar. And in the seminar she turned out the most active participation.

пїЅAs to the leaders of national associations, our forecasts concerning to their preparation, unfortunately have come true. We made in Soviet times the experience, that if you are the chief of organization, you already very clever and donпїЅt need anymore to learn something new. In Samara, as well as in other cities of Russia, the leaders of national communities basically are able to write letters at administration, with the request for financial support, and know how to organize grandiose ceremonies.

Successful work of a group, for joint development of the decisions needed something greater. For example, the trainer very long could not receive the answer from the participants, what advantages and lacks has a coalition. The participants hadnпїЅt neither theoretical, nor practical knowledge in this area. But the biggest disappointment waited for the director of the CIEC, Ashot Airapetyan. According to the plan of the training seminar for the second day he should tell about the Network of National Associations of Russia, and how the functioning of this Network will help ethnic associations to protect the rights of the compatriots. On a question " who from you read the text of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights?" From 15 participants, have lifted hands only two - representatives of local authority. For the Samara communities, however, as well as for the majority of the citizens of Russia, Human Rights are like exotic fruits, which well grow in far countries, but our climate doesnпїЅt come towards the constant growth. Certainly, the participants in the training promised to participate in the Network, in particular to send information about activities of their organizations to Moscow and to inform about cases of ethnic discrimination in their regions. However, the training has shown, that it is necessary to make the significant work to show to these people how important is to work together, in one team.

At the end of the training course the leaders of national associations analyzed the positive and negative aspects of the training. There were just few negative aspects, what was to guess. From the positive moments marked: utility of the received knowledge, very good level of realization of the training and the fact, that in the training the participants have helped to collect and to structure together the knowledge, which is already available at them.

We managed to combine good, interesting work with excellent rest on a nature.

And as on November 25 at 7 oпїЅclock p.m. the participants of our training course have sat in the bus and started to Samara, it was visible, that for these two days we became much closer each other.


Undoubtedly, it is good result.