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Konovalov promotes Necessity to Create Databank of Crimes Committed due to National or Religious Motifs

Nizhni Novgorod. August 2, 2006. NTA-Privolzhe (local news agency) - The plenipotentiary of the president of the Russian Federation in the Privolzhe federal district Alexander Konovalov pointed out that it was necessary to form a full-fledged databank of crimes committed due to national and religious motifs.

He addressed this during a meeting on safety with colleagues in the Privolzhe region on Wednesday.

According to him, a great deal of these crimes have a latent character, while inter-religious and racial intolerance very often turns out to be usual hooliganism, robbery or assaults with physical injuries.

�The absence of a full-fledged databank about such occurrences is a serious obstacle. We need to work on preventive measures referring to the given kind of criminality and struggle against this phenomenon�, said the plenipotentiary of Privolzhe.

A. Konovalov emphasized that for the struggle against extremist occurrences, we shall not neglect �measures with a police character�. He made the organisation, with the exception of the creation of the databank, ready for high level, effective research activity.

Besides that, the plenipotentiary, among measures of administrative character, invited educational institutions and universities where foreign students study, and also organizations whose activity refers to questions of religion to cooperate.

He also mentioned the importance of an intellectual component in the set of complex measures to counteract extremism. According to him, it is necessary to devote one�s daily work to the education of tolerance in a society.

In A. Konovalov's opinion, it is also necessary to involve mass-media in this work, especially electronic media, which is today practically uncontrolled. For each demonstration of extremism and racial inter-religious intolerance on the Internet and on other electronic mass-media, we have to organize at least 10 counter-extremist performances.

A. Konovalov also noted the importance of educational work, included within educational establishments. Political parties, which play an important role in society, should also actively participate in this work regarding moral improvement.

Source: IA "NTA-Privolzhe"

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