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Neo-Nazis Reach Haifa

New cases of neo-Nazi activity are revealed in the Israeli city of Haifa, where unidentified persons assaulted an elderly woman, a repatriate from Rumania and �they enjoyed it�, drawing swastikas, three sixes with Nazi slogans, etc. Residents of many Haifa regions say during the evening and the night, they increasingly are hearing cries of �Hail Hitler!�. Haifa�s main police colonel Dudu Ben-Atya reported on the detention of a 17 year-old adolescent descending from the Ukraine, who told that he drew swastikas �out of boredom�.

Meanwhile in Jerusalem and Haifa, the investigation activity continues on young neo-Nazis, repatriates from the former USSR. �NI� has already written about the members from the cell of Hitler�s followers who were detained several weeks ago. As revision led by the Israeli Ministry of Internal Affairs showed, they arrived to the country on the basis of the Law of Return, although the majority of them do not have the right to be considered Jews (mother wasn�t Jewish, or only an indirect relationship with representatives of Jewish nationality, etc.) In this case, since there is no law in Israel against anti-Semitism and no official prohibition of the activity of neo-Nazi organizations, the arrested have been charged with inciting racial hostility, inflicting grievous bodily harm and a number of other crimes.

The Minister of Internal Affairs, Meier Shitrit already issued an order to study the possibility of depriving criminals of their Israeli citizenship and banish them from the country after the court of law has recognized their guilt. At a session of the Knesset, the director of the Ministry of Internal Affairs stated: �Those who arrived within the framework of the law of return and obtained citizenship in accordance with it, bring the unhealthiest impact on us. First we give them citizenship, and then we begin to battle with criminals- Nazis and the like. A handful of extremists defame the good name of the Russian community which has brought a sizeable investment to the flourishing of Israel.�

A Jewish agency intends to carry out a conference in the city of Ashdod in the middle of October, which will be dedicated to the issue of repatriating citizens that have come from former Soviet Republics, as well as to examine �a way out of the situation of the unsuccessful adaptation of new Israelis�.

Source: Novye Izvestiya

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