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470 Million For Tolerance

Moscow authorities are ready to spend approximately 470 million rubles on the city program �Capital of Multi-Ethnic Russia�.

For the implementation of the urban special-purpose program �Capital of Multi-Ethnic Russia� for the period from 2008-2010, the government plans to allocate 468 million 224 thousand rubles. This is discussed in the project pronouncement, which will be examined at tomorrow�s session of the Moscow government.

The document�s text expresses that the goal of creating the program is �the formation of a favorable climate for interethnic interaction in Moscow on the basis of respecting human rights and freedoms�, elucidates Interfax. Among the basic objectives of the mission are the formation of favorable information media which facilitate the development of interethnic mutual understanding in society; interethnic and patriotic training of youth, diagnostics of the ethno-contact situation in Moscow; and monitoring inter-professional relations.

"The total volume of program financing will be 468,224,000. In 2008 85,964,000 will be spent on the program�s implementation. The given scenario assumes an increase from 2008 in the volume of program financing and means of the city budget by 4,938,000 in 2009, in comparison with 7,351,000 in 2010, includes the project pronouncement. .

Among the expected results of the implementation of the program is the development of an interethnic conscious in the residence of Moscow; an increase in the scope of city government employees in resolving issues which influence interethnic relations in the capital; the development of interethnicity and patriotism in the students of general education, secondary, special and higher educational institutions and raising the level of tolerance in the youth sphere.

Remember that the city government is also developing a project called �Migration Passport�. At the start of August it became known that the capital�s government was considering the opportunity to create a magnetic, plastic migrant card which would contain all information about the person who came to the city.

"This card allows information about the migrant to be made accessible and open. It becomes the foreigner�s document with his or her photo, name, blood group, health examination; information on the citizen who has come to Moscow ", Evgeny Chernetsov , the head of the department on the organization of a labor exchange of the committee of inter-regional communications and national policy of Moscow , told in an interview with RIA News. " Such cards are planned to be given out to arriving citizens from other countries at border entrances to Moscow ", he has added. The Moscow official emphasized that every migrant would receive such a card, it would not be a matter of choice.

"If the person goes to other country, money is necessary, and he should be able to pay a fee, conditionally speaking, 500 dollars. At the very least, this is what he would use to get home again. Having paid this sum, the foreigner will receive a card ", Chernetsov explained. It is supposed that such cards would be given out at specially created migration terminals. A card will be given out for three months and if the migrant fulfills a labor contract term, the card will be extended for a year.

"The employer can learn from a card whether the person has passed a physical examination. If he has a disease which forbids his employment, it means that number of his card immediately becomes red. The employer thus does not need to know that he has a disease, it is important that his labor registration is taken away�, the official told. Also, consider in the mayor�s department, this card will also protect.

The idea of creating this migrant card was born a year ago in the Committee of Inter-regional Communication and Ethnic Policies of Moscow, and, according to Chernetsov, the capital mayor supported this proposal. �The techno-economical base has already been prepared. A minimum of three months is needed for the introduction of this system, since it is connected with additional financing�, said the official.

Source: Gazeta.ru

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