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Period of Obtaining Privileges for Russian Federation Citizens Extended Another Year

Yesterday the president signed a law which introduced changes to article 14 of the Citizenship Law. Senators from the Federation Council prepared the necessary corrections in the week thus far. All last year, former citizens of the USSR could receive Russian citizenship through a simplified procedure.

The �facilitated� scheme would have finished on January 1st, 2008, but senators extended this period another full year- until January 1st, 2009. Moreover, the new corrections do not deal with foreign nationals who remained in CIS countries after the collapse of the Union. This �civil� amnesty is precisely to be used by illegal migrants who are already within the Russian border.

The most modest calculations show that foreign citizens and people without citizenship that earlier had a Soviet passport number no less than a million.

Vladimir Slutsker, deputy chairperson of the incorporated commission on national policy explained the decision of the senators to declare sequential amnesty to migrants as follows: �There is no doubt that these people, close to us spiritually and culturally, intend to permanently live in our country�.

Hence it follows that the intention to live in Russia is sufficient base for obtaining citizenship.

Source: Narod.ru

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