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Neo-Nazis Arrested in Spain

Seven neo-Nazis were arrested in Spain for intimidating black immigrants through the Internet, announced a representative of the National Police of Spain on Friday.

�Our colleagues in Barcelona detained seven Neo-Nazis on charges of threats against immigrants, violation of human rights, membership in an illegal group and illegal possession of a weapon and ammunition.

According to him, �the Neo-Nazi group has been active in the Catalonian capital since 2005, attracting young adults between the ages of 19 and 22, who then propagated their ideas through the Internet�.

�On their website, members of the group openly threatened to punish all �non-Europeans� in Spain and called for violence against all black immigrants�, said the policeman.

He noted that members of the group were involved in producing and distributing Nazi symbols and literature promoting racial hatred and national socialist ideology.

�A search of the suspects revealed 4 firearms and 4 000 cartridges, a Nazi uniform, swastika flags and armbands, as well as five computers�, added the spokesperson.

In 2005, a large neo-Nazis network was discovered in Barcelona, with connections in other European countries and the USA. The organization targeted immigrants from Latin America.

Source: RIA Novosti

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