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Another Nationalist Killing in Moscow

The City Prosecutor�s office has begun an investigation into the killing of a 28 year old native of Buryatia, Nikolai Prokopev, in Moscow. His body was discovered with multiple knife wounds on Federativny Prospekt in the North of the city.

The representation of Buryatia submitted a statement saying that this crime could have been committed by skinheads. �Prokopiev�s body with 26 knife wounds was found near his home on Federativny Prospekt. Witnesses stated that a few young people who looked like skinheads had surrounded him. Nothing was taken from the murdered man apart from a mobile telephone.

At the Perovskii Prosecutor�s office, where they are investigating this crime, they are working through all possible versions of the killing. The investigation is taking the version of an armed attack as priority. �It is presumed that Prokopiev resisted the attackers and then received fatal knife wounds. Thus the investigators maintain that they do not have evidence to suggest that this crime was motivated by ethnic animosity, informs �Kommersant�.

The crime has led to a criminal case in accordance with article 105 of the criminal code of the Russian Federation (murder), with prosecution leading to lifelong imprisonment, informs a representative of the prosecutor�s office.

Crimes of ethnic animosity are becoming more and more frequent. On the 19th of February of this year the chief of the Energy Commission of Ingushetia, Batira Kurkieva, was attacked near the metro station Sukharevskaia after having arrived in Moscow on a business trip. 20 teenagers attacked him and viciously beat him with iron bars. Kurkiev was admitted to the 33rd hospital with serious head trauma, but despite all the doctors� efforts the Ingushetian official did not survive. A criminal case was opened following the killing of Kurkiev, with the basic motive taken as ethnic animosity.

During a session of the State Duma in November 2006, the general public prosecutor of Russia, Yuri Chaika, declared that in that year the country had registered 152 crimes motivated by religious and national hatred.

Yuri Chaika called for a toughening of the punishments for extremism. The public prosecutor proposed introducing an article into the criminal code of the Russian Federation which would establish criminal liability for vandalism motivated by racial, political or religious hatred.

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