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Leader of Extremist Group Arrested in the Capital

Yesterday it became known that Maxim Martsinkevich , leader of the skinhead group �Format-18� and known by his nickname �Tesak�, was arrested on Tuesday. He is charged with inciting interethnic hatred. He was also involved in organizing fights on Slavyansky Square in downtown Moscow.

The skinhead Maxim Martsinkevich, a university student in Moscow, was arrested at around 7 pm on Tuesday by officers from the Department for the Fight Against Organized Crime of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs. �We were informed that Tesak appeared in the sports hall at Skhoden allay �, officers told Newizvy. � The arrest went quietly: we went to his place, introduced ourselves and took him. Tesak was taken to the Prosecutor�s and interrogated. At the same time his house was searched. �The interrogation was very detailed and recorded by video.� Newizvy was informed by an officer form the investigation team. �Martsinkevich was very bold and didn�t hide his look.� Khamovnich District Court has issued approval for his arrest. Now Tesak is in one of the investigation wards in Moscow. The formal cause of his arrest was what he and his followers organized in a capital club �Bilinkva� on February 26th, 2007. There was a debate between famous commentators Maxim Kononenko and Julia Latyninoj on that day. Around ten young people following Tesak went into the club and scanned nationalistic slogans and threatened to kill all foreigners and liberals. Witnesses called the police and after a few calls law enforcement officials came to the spot, but they didn�t arrest the fascists. After that Tesak became popular on the Russian Internet-Blogs. On �Live Journal� he regularly posts writings of a nationalistic sense, describing attacks on foreigners and the fight against anti-fascism.

Source: Newspaper "Novye Izvestiya"

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