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PACE Is Urging Russia to Fulfill Its Obligations

The Council of Europe�s Parliamentary Assembly is asking Russia to fulfill the obligations it took on when joining the Council of Europe. In a statement of the PACE monitoring committee, the removal of the death penalty was specifically requested, as well as legal reforms that would ensure the independence and impartiality of prosecutors and courts.

Besides, the monitoring committee paid attention to the high mortality rate in Russian army, as well as torture in prisons and the continuing violation of human rights in Chechnya. According to the committee, Russian authorities should take more effective measures to counter xenophobia. The monitoring committee also criticized in its statement the changes made to electoral laws in Russia, as well as the frequent occurrence of limits on the freedom of meeting and persecution of journalists and human rights activists.

The monitoring committee expressed its readiness to continue the dialogue with Russian authorities and will be sending representatives on a visit to Moscow and the North Caucasus in the fall of 2007.

Source: gazeta.ru

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