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A Nasty Document

In the disclosure of �Gazeta.ru,� a copy of an official protocol of the Chechen Ministry of the Interior showed up which proves that the 11 supposedly vanished peaceful inhabitants of the village Borozdinovskaya were arrested by the �East� detachment of the Russian Ministry of Defence.

The document is called Report � 535 KUS (KUS = books of report accounts) of the unit on duty of the Chechen Ministry of the Interior. The registration of this report is dated: 20:15, June 5th 2005.

The document is a report of the operative guard of the Shelkov district (Chechnya) about the events which took place in the Borozdinovskaya Cossack village during the 24 hours before the registration of the report, on the evening of June 4th. As �Gazeta.Ru� wrote several times, on June 4th at daytime and in the evening in Borozdinovskaya some unknown detachment carried out a bloody cleansing. As a result of the cleansing, one person died, eleven turned up missing, and some houses burned to the ground

The person on duty reported to the Ministry of the Interior that on June 4th from 3:00 to 8:30 PM about 80 soldiers of the battalion, designated �East,� of the Russian Ministry of Defense arrived at the Cossack village Borozdinovskaya on two BTRs (wheeled armored personnel carriers) and some cars and trucks (three armored �Ural� trucks, six to eight �Uaz� trucks and cars). From 3:30 to 8:00 PM the soldiers had eleven people under arrest, who were �suspected to have committed crimes�. In the protocol all names and surnames are listed: Aliev Abakar, Isaev Magomed, Kurbanaliev Akhmed, Kurbanaliev Magomed, Lachkov Eduard (a Russian who was in the village to visit friends), Magomedov Akhmed, Magomedov Akhmed, Magomedov Kamil�, Magomedov Said, Magomedov Shakhban, Umarov Martukh.

It is highly important to note that at that point the executive on duty for the Shelkov district made a note that all of the arrested people listed �are not registered according to the data of the Informational Center of the Chechen Ministry of the Interior�. In other words, at the moment of the arrest there was no proof that those people took part in any illegal activity.

Furthermore, the document says that �for unknown reasons� during the cleansing in some houses in Borosdinovskaya fire broke out. Also �for a not established reason� one man, Magomaz Magomazov, died. His burned body was found in one of the houses where a fire broke out. At the end of the report it is added: �It is under investigation whether the arrested people took part in illegal armed formations�. The document also shows that, on the very same day, the heads of miltia and public prosecution, including the region�s prosecutor Vasil�chenko, the chief of the regional Militia department Magomaev, and several members of the Office of the Public Prosecutor, arrived on the scene in order to work with the arrested and to clarify the reasons for the death of Magomazov..

The human rights organisation �Committee against torture,� which put the document at the disposal of �Gazeta.Ru,� has no doubt about its authenticity. As the representatives of this organization said, the copy was handed to them by an �informational source in Chechnya.�

If the authenticity is proven, Report � 535 will become an accusatory document and a sensation.

The event in Borozdinovskaya is known to the whole world due to the Avars who left their homes immediately after the cleansing and fled to neighboring Dagestan. There they spent three weeks in a tent camp. Believing the promises of the Chechen government to find the perpetrators of what happened, they finally returned. All this time human rights activists and journalists have tried to find out who actually carried out the cleansing.

The residents of Borozdinovskaya right away said that the forces of Yamadaev were in the village. However, not one of the authorities� structures -- including the leader of the �East� battalion, Sulim Yamadaev � confirmed this information. In June the chief of the Regional Headquarters for the Oversight of Anti-Terrorist Operations in the North Caucasus, General Arkadyi Edelev, declared that the federal forces did not carry out any operation in Borosdinovskaya, at all. The Office of the Public Prosecutor did not find any order about such an operation among the documents of the �East� battalion. Only once, immediately after the cleansing, one of the Yamadaev brothers, the State Duma delegate Ruslan Yamadaev, told �Gazeta.ru�, that soldiers of the �East� battalion were in Borozdinovskaya only 15 minutes and did not carry out any cleansing. Yamadaev declared that nobody arrested inhabitants and that everything that happened in the village has no connection whatsoever with the �East� battalion.

The Chechen authorities were obviously not prepared for the appearance of the document today. All structures of the Chechen republic refused to comment on the contents of Report � 535. In the press agency of the Chechen Ministry of the Interior they wearily informed �Gazeta.ru� that �once again there is no information about Borozdinovskaya�. The press secretary of the Chechen Ministry of the Interior, Ruslan Atsaev, was very interested in where the document came from. Then he asked to be sent the document, promising to comment on it. Half an hour later, Atsaev left without paying any more attention to the affair.

The Chechen Deputy Interior Minister Akhmed Dakaev for a long time urged to call the �East� battalion, the person in command of the United Group of Forces in the North Caucasus in Khankali, and the Chechen Ministry of Defense (which does not, in actuality, exist). The Chechen Ministry of the Interior, whose document we received, �has no intelligence about this�, Dakaev repeated several times.

In the Representation of the Chechen Republic to the President of the Russian Federation they also refused to give any comments. �You have some document in your hands. I haven�t seen this document and I can�t see anything about what is written there. I don�t have any data or any information. I can�t tell you anything. I stick to the official point of view in this matter�, one source in the representation told �Gazeta.ru�. He found it difficult to define this official version more precisely: �I think you know yourself. My working day�s ending now. I was busy with other issues. What you�re talking about I�m hearing for the first time.�


Source: gazeta.ru

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