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Press Conference to be held on November 9th, the All-European Day of Opposition to Racism

Sadly, racist moods become more and more popular every year in Russia. The country which incurred the most losses in WWII is now the leader in Europe for the number fascist groupings and the number of offences on ethnic grounds. What is the explanation for this phenomenon and what is necessary to stop the growing waves of xenophobia in this country?

For a discussion session about these questions, the Center for Interethnic Cooperation will carry out a press conference in the Independent Press Centre on November 9, 2006 at 12.00pm. Taking part in this event include:

  • Ashot Ayrapetyan, director of the Center for Interethnic Cooperation
  • David Beritashvili, vice-president of the Georgian association "Zemlyachestvo"
  • Natalia Hrechkova, from the German youth organization "Yugendbrioke"
  • Maria Kopeljan, from the Jewish youth organization "Marom"
  • And students of the Moscow University
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