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Participants� Opinion On the Training in Kaliningrad

I am glad, I am glad�

That we met in Kaliningrad. Specifically, the interregional designing seminar �Youth and Tolerance� took place in this city on September 4th and 5th.

I am glad, I am glad�

That the event took place�

The seminar was organized by the Center for Interethnic Cooperation (Moscow). Ashot Ayrapetyan and Victoria Shukhat, directors of the Center, acted as moderators�

The seminar participants were directors and specialists from the Kaliningrad region�s Ministry of Culture, representatives of ethnic Public associations and national-cultural organizations, as well as specialists from educational establishments of the Kaliningrad region.

Karelia was represented by specialists from the Ministry of Ethnic Policy in liaison with Religious Organizations of the Republic of Karelia, the organizations �Molodaya Karelia (Young Karelia)� and �Association AVARD�.

That everything was enjoyable, but the main thing, useful�

In the framework of the seminar participants exchanged experiences about working with youth, directed at the formation of a culture of peace and agreement and revealing the ring of basic problems in the implementation of ethnic youth policy in regions bordering on European countries. An earnest talk was had on what a modern youth exactly is, what s/he is drawn towards and what difficulties s/he encounters.

At the seminar, our delegation presented the experience of joint activity with public organizations and government authorities of Karelia in the fulfillment of projects and programs directed at forming tolerance in the youth sphere. According to event participants, this experience proved to be extremely interesting and useful for them.

In addition to that, in summing up the seminar, project ideas for an inter-regional and all-Russian program for including youth in the intercultural dialogue were formed.

That Kaliningrad is open for cooperation�

The city was enjoyed for its beauty, comfort, and European style.

We appreciated the friendliness and calmness of city residents.

We enjoyed that the seminar participants from Kaliningrad were ready to form joint dreams, decisions and present matters!

So that we still meet again and again�in Karelia, Kaliningrad, Moscow and place in the world!

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