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Public Chamber Published a Reference Book on Religion for Police Officers

Two Koreans, citizens of Russia, were killed in Vladivostok. In connection with this, as �Vostok-Media� told RIA in the press-service of the Procuratorship of Primorsky krai, the criminal investigation by the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the Pervorechensky region has incited the city of Vladivostok.

The murders were reported to have happened in the evening of November 4th, close to house � 58 on Partizansky prospect. Three youth are being held under suspicion for carrying out the crime. Questioning of witnesses is being carried out, identifications are being confirmed. In the course of the initial investigation, it has been established that the hooliganism was carried out by those suspected by motive of ethnic hatred.

Supervision of the investigation of the criminal case is being carried out by the procurator of Pervorechensky region of Vladivostok. The course of the investigation of the criminal case is under the control of the procurator of the krai.

Source: Portal �RELIGIA I SMI�

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