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Moscow Supports Federal Initiative on Russian Language Education for Immigrants

On the July 4th meeting in Moscow the Duma passed a resolution Response to the Project of Federal Law No.428896-4 �about Amendment to Article 13.1 of Federal Law about the Legal Status of Foreign Citizens in Russian Federation�. Correspondents of �Regnum� were informed at the Press-Center of the Duma, Deputy Igor Eleferenko reminded his colleagues that the suggested law-project will bring an amendment to the acting Federal Law, adding the requirement that foreigners must have knowledge of Russian language, if they are going to undertake labor activities in the Russian Federation more than 90 days. The amendment is necessary as a sizable number of foreigners who come to work in Russia do not know Russian language or understand enough of it, said the Deputy. Knowledge of the language enables immigrants to integrate into Russian society, better understand Russian traditions and obey the laws. Besides, Moscow parliamentarians think that it would reduce the influence of xenophobia in the society.

Deputies have decided to give the State Duma a positive response on the bill.

Source: REGNUM.ru

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