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�The Shadow of the Swastika�

So is called the documentary film, the production of which was finished by the Moscow office of Human Rights. The author of the scenario - Alexander Brod, the director - Roman Chavronskij, the law consultant - Vladimir Novickij, operator - Lev Chesnov.

A film of investigation. Why, in the country that defeated fascism, has the work of the ideologists of the Third Reich been published, and why has the most obscure xenophobic myth been spread. Once, we spoke about internationalism. Now, the teenagers contaminated by racism beat up and kill �non-slavs�. The extremists justify terrorism with religious ideas of hostility toward the �unbelievers�. We have a democratic Constitution, but the government and the attendants of Themis look indifferently on the lack of all restraints of the neonazis.

A film of warning. A place of meeting of neonazis in the center of Moscow. A procession of the members of �Russian National Unity� is in Russian cities. An appeal to pogroms and to deportations, faces disfigured with hatred. A breakdown of the �brown� literature. Monologues of the people, who became the victims of the attacks of the skinheads. A lot of them are disabled invalids. Ten murders.

A film of reflection. The authors Alla Gerber and Alexander Rekemchuk, the political scientist Vladimir Iljuschneko, the historian Gennadij Koctyrchenko, the academic Alexander Jakovlev, the civil rights activist Ljudmila Alexeeva talk about the bloody subject.

The movie is trying to examine why during the nineties the Russian civil right activists of NGOs couldn�t develop an activism in relation to the Nationalist-Radicals, while grants for the realisation of special programs have increased to the amount of more than 10 million dollars.

Why are these cultural and educational workers passive? Questions, questions - the movie �The shadow of the swastika� will be recommended to Russian and foreign channels, the Ministry of Education and Sciences of the Russian Federation to be shown in educational institutions.


Source: http://www.antirasizm.ru

� 1993-2003

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