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Colored Football Player to leave Russia due to Racism

Soon, the defense player Andre Stephane Bikey from the Moscow football club �FC Lokomotiv Moscow� will announce the end of his stay in the team. Most likely, he will go to the English football club �Reading�. The main reason for this is the racism encountered in Moscow, he says.

�The contract with �Locomotive� runs for 3 years, but I do not like to live in Russia, and I want to return to Europe� quotes the �Sports-Express� the football player. �The ideal would be if I could play in the English Premier-League. The instructor of "Reading" will make the decision within a week. Russia has a different mentality. For a person with a black skin it is very hard to live here. There is racism. In England it is better: it is possible to walk along a street without being hassled. The �Locomotive� fans are fine but when we play against other teams, racism is everywhere, especially playing against �Spartak�. Nevertheless, the police will not protect us. Once I was followed by three guys because of xenophobia, but I managed to escape. In order to protect myself, it would even be necessary to get a weapon", stated Bikey.

Source: Polit.ru

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