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Petersburg awaits new attacks on foreigners with fear.

Tomorrow, in the centre of the Northern capital (St Petersburg), foreign students and members of the youth movement �Nashi� will take part in an antifascist procession, in which will take part at least 5 thousand people. The procession will be in memory of Lamzar Samba, a student from Senegal, who was shot last Friday, walking from Nevsky prospect to the Church of Spilt Blood. The murder of the student from Senegal has shocked even the inhabitants of Petersburg, who are unfortunately used to such attacks. This is the first attack on an entire group of African students using firearms. Consequently the Office of Public Prosecutor is without question categorizing this attack as one committed on the basis of ethnic or religious hatred.

Lamzar Samba had been living in St Petersburg for six years. He was studying in the St Petersburg State University of Telecommunications �Bonch-Bruyevich� . This young man did not choose to come to this country or university himself. The state of Senegal sent him to St Petersburg as he was one of the best students in Senegal. He was killed just before dawn on Friday on Red Army Street when he left a night club with friends. His friends heard a loud report in the street, and realizing that they were being attacked ran in various directions, Samba remained lying on the pavement, seriously wounded in the neck. The murder weapon was found in a neighbouring courtyard. On its butt was written in incorrectly spelt English �Skinheads� and �White Power�.

In Petersburg the attack on Lamzar has caused shock. This is the first time that skinheads have attacked in such a way. Their weapons have been knuckledusters, blunt instruments and knives. Previously they have just attacked one or at the most two people, not an entire group. A �Pump� gun is too expensive a toy for teenagers or youths. Young skinheads simply would not be able to acquire one. But according to eyewitness evidence, an adult man shot Lamzar. Experts have already suggested that this is not just another attack by skinheads, but an open provocation and that some particular group may claim responsibility for it.

April is generally considered the most dangerous month for foreigners, �At this time traditionally the number of crimes against ethnic minorities grows, since Hitler was born in April� said the press secretary of �African Unity�, Alli Nassor. �African Unity� is sure that this tragic crime was committed by skinheads and that sadly it will not be the last April horror.

� Anyone who shouts the slogan �Russia for Russians!� should incur criminal punishment �, - the speaker of Legislative Assembly of Leningrad Region Cyril Polyakov considers. The chairman of regional parliament noted, that similar displays of fascism in different times have resulted in very sad consequences for the world.

Representatives of youth organizations from different Russian regions have written an open letter to the administrations of St Petersburg and Moscow saying that the death of Lamzar Samba is a result of the verdict of the jury about the murder of the Tajik girl Hurshedy Sultonovoj.

Source: Novaya Isvestiya

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