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In Israel, Nazi Propaganda Is Ignored By the Law

In Israel, even until this day there is no law which defines the propaganda of Nazism as a criminal offense. Swastikas, portraits of Hitler, storing and distribution of neo-Nazi materials are not subject to criminal allegation, since such an article does not yet exist in the law, cites information agency �Cursor.�

It is interesting that Israeli legislators revealed this gap in the criminal code only now, after the police stated they cannot pursue Israeli neo-Nazis because of the lack of this legislative basis.

All this is occurring against the background of numerous incidents which are linked with the propaganda of Nazism: swastikas and portraits of Hitler appearing on synagogue walls, damaged cemeteries, the rapid exchange of material and information with a frankly Nazi content.

Within the law regarding criminal punishment, Article 144 discusses anti-Semitism and racism. In this article, however, not a word is mentioned about Nazism and the related propaganda.

It should be noted that Israel is perhaps the only country in the western world that has made this oversight.

The deputy of the Knesset (Israeli legislature) Colet Avital intends to clear up this oversight. She is preparing a bill, according to which definitions of Nazism, Nazi activity and propaganda will be added to article 144.

�A person who carries out Nazi propaganda, collects artifacts or sells and distributes them, does not have the right to an Israeli citizenship� states Colet Avital. �This person simply does not have anything to do with the Jewish state.�

Source: All-Ukrainian Jewish Congress

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