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Vaan Ovanisian: "Not only terrorism is dangerous, but thoughtless methods of how to fight it, too"

Today, in Yerevan a meeting of the commission for defense and security of the Interparliamental Assembly of the CIS (MA SNG) took place to discuss the fight against the international terrorism. The participants of the meeting emphasized the meaning of working out and realizing a legislation program concerning the fight against the international terrorism and coordinating the efforts of all CIS member states in fighting this evil.

As announced Grair Karapetian, member of the corresponding Armenian organ, the commission decided to address to the Interparliamental Assembly of the CSI and proposed to create a special commission for the struggle against terrorism, drug traffic and organized criminality. He said that in the same context the consequences of closing the Russian-Georgian frontier were discussed. According Mr. Karapetian, the case in point was particularly the transport problems, which have occurred in the Armenian district пїЅVerkhniy LarsпїЅ after the closing of the frontier. The Vice-speaker of the Armenian parliament Vaan Ovanisian declared that not only terrorism but also thoughtless methods of the struggle against it are dangerous for the transport security, too. He instanced the criminogenic situation that has occurred as a consequence of closing the Russian-Georgian frontier. Considering the urgency of the problem, the commission decided to let Armenian members of parliament take part in working out a law project for the transport security. Grair Karapetian further announced that concerning the struggle against terrorism Armenian members of parliament drew attention to the following fact: Mercenaries, who recently fought for the Azerbaijanian side in military operations in the Karabakh conflict, now are members of different terrorist groups.

The next meeting of the commission will take place in St. Petersburg on November 4th and 5th.

Source: IA Regnum

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