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A �Nazi� Bar Appears in South Korea

Igal Kaspi, the Israeli ambassador to South Korea, drew attention to the scandalous existence of a �Nazi� bar in a suburb of Seoul.

The newspaper Korea Herald reported that the entrance to the drinking establishment is decorated with red swastikas, a photograph of which was published in the newspaper.

The edition did not mention the name of the bar, or its address, stressing that they did not want to advertise the establishment. The only mention was that it was in a northern suburb of Seoul.

The Israeli ambassador expressed that he found out about the existence of this place, only due to the fact that journalists asked him to comment on the article.

"This is definitely inadmissible, as more over, as far as I know, Koreans have a friendly attitude towards Jews�, said Kaspi to Associated Press.

Anti-Semitic events in Korea are extremely rare. In March, local publishers agreed to withdraw a children�s book from sale after its author was accused of spreading Nazism.

Source: Media International Group

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