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Prague Municipality Forbid A March of Neo-Nazis Through Jewish Neighborhood After All

Prague magistrate changed their decision and forbade a neo-Nazi march which passed through the Jewish quarter Joseph to be held on October 10, 2007, reports czechwalker.com.

Officially the march presented itself as a protest against the war in Iraq. The application for the demonstration, however, was submitted by the organization �Young Democrats� which represented in reality an ultra-right movement called �People�s Resistance�.

The date was not chosen randomly. The nights of November 9thand 10th, 1938 were named Kristallnacht, during which pogroms against Jews took place in Germany.

After Jewish organizations from all over the world expressed harsh judgment against the Prague magistrate who initially permitted the action, officials changed the decision and forbade the march. Representatives from the magistrate argued that the action would �kindle ethnic dissent and hatred for people of another religion�.

Source: All-Russian Ukrainian Congress

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