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UN Accuses France of Discriminating Against Muslims and Africans

A UN report written on request of the commission on human rights names France as a �racist state�, which isolates people who have come in their ethnic and religious minorities-Africans and Arab-Muslims- in a cultural and economic ghetto, says Channel Seven.

The author of the report, D.D. MacDougal, who wrote it on a ten-day trip thought the quarters of Paris, Strasbourg and Marseilles, which are areas where representatives of the above-mentioned minorities live. �Racism delivers an impact to immigrants, a large part of which are already French citizens,� she writes. �People work hard and believe in principles which the French republic is founded on, but get stuck in city ghettos where unemployment sometimes reaches 40%.� The report blames national authorities for creating the atmosphere which encourages suspicion and racism in relation to immigrants.

France is home to Europe�s largest Muslim population, which numbers around six million. Around four million immigrants from Africa live in France.

Source: ISLAM.RU

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