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Attack on three officers of the Chinese Navy in St. Petersburg

As a result of the attack all three were delivered to hospital with craniocerebral injuries and medium heavy bodily injuries.

As �INTER-FAX� reports, this took place Saturday evening close to metro station Chernaya Rechka. Some young people between the age of 16 and 18 attacked the Chinese citizens who got beaten up unmercifully when heading back to their hotel.

At present it is discussed, if legal proceedings on attacking will be initiated. On preliminary data, the attackers have not taken anything from the victims.

The Chinese officers arrived in St. Petersburg a few months ago and were students of the Kuznetsov Naval Academy.

In the past months in St. Petersburg took place a series of attacks on foreigners, in particular, of students studying in the city. In this connection in St. Petersburg have some meetings of foreign citizens have been held, participants of which demanded of the Government to ensure their security.

Source: www.sps.ru

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