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Dark-skinned students escape from Moscow

There are student disorders in the Energetics Institute. About 200 persons hold a meeting at the main entrance to the building since eight o�clock in the morning. One of the participants holds a bloody football jersey in his hands. It is more expressive than any poster.

Last weekend next to the institute building a student from Nigeria, the 25-year-old Ime Brown was attacked. The young man was stabbed with knives several times. He survived, but he is in hospital and in a serious condition. The student arrived in Moscow only two weeks ago.

It�s not the first time that foreign students were beaten up next to their institute. Ask any person on the meeting, the organizers say, and they will tell you that something similar happened to almost everyone of them. Two weeks ago Musa left the dormitory to buy some bread. Two young people made towards him. One of them started a conversation, the other one stabbed his throat and his belly four times from behind with a knife. �They attack you with a knife without reason�, says the student Musa al Kamer. �It�s terrible!�

The post-graduate student Natiz Alkubati would finish his study at the Moscow Energetic Institute next year only, but he is going to return to his home country without a diploma. It�s a hard decision, but he says there is no other way: it�s better to return home without a diploma than not to return at all. As many other students he doesn�t feel safe. �Any student, even when he is just leaving his place to buy some bread, asks two or three others to accompany him, so that they are in a group�, says Natiz.

Lecturers of the institute demonstrate together with the students. The institute doesn�t have a possibility to protect its students on the streets, and there is no help to expect from anyone, they say. There is an agreement with the local department of internal affairs about the protection of foreign students, but this didn�t calm the situation. �Not one single person was sentenced for the attack, for harming the students. There are some open questions to the law-enforcement agencies�, emphasizes Evgenii Ivanov, assistant of the pro-rector of the Moscow Energetic Institute.

The dean already sent four official letters to the capital�s Central Administration of Internal Affairs this year. For their fellow students being beaten up and robbed on the streets, the students make the law-enforcement organs and the Moscow government responsible. Today they were even going to hold a meeting at the city hall, but they were not permitted. So far there is no dialogue between the students and the government and law-enforcement agencies. Meetings at the institute are held regularly, but there is no reaction to them.

Source: www.vesti.ru

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