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The Saint Petersburg Islamic Center was Searched and its Members Interrogated

On April 6th, 30 Muslim men attending the Friday lecture at the Saint Petersburg Islamic Cultural Center were searched and interrogated by the police�s organized crime and quick reaction units. According to law-enforcement officials, the search was in connection with accusations brought against the Center�s leader Mohammed Henni for kindling interethnic conflicts.

Police confiscated office equipment and literature and visitors present at the time were searched and sent to a police station. There they were interrogated about the reasons for their visit to the Center, their finger prints were taken and they were released.

Visam Ali Bardvil, head of the Karelian Muslim Spiritual Council and member of the Russian Council of Muftis has expressed his concern over the situation. He called the incident an �absurd combination of circumstances� and said that the charges brought against the organization and Henni were �groundless and inappropriate�.

�I am calling upon this country�s leaders to pay attention to the incident at the Saint Petersburg enlightenment center. I am asking the Russian Muslim community to support the young organization and its leader, Mohammed Henni�, said the Karelian mufti in an appeal to fellow Russians.

Source: ISLAM.RU

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