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Leading members of the Russian mass media have condemned racial crimes in Russia. Well, it�s better late than never!

Leaders of the Russian mass media have spoken out against the growing number of race-related crimes in Russia and other manifestations of nationalism. They urged journalists to prevent �people who preach racial, ethnic, religious hostility, hatred and violence� from being broadcast on TV and radio stations; and also stop them from being published. Further, they said that �it should not be allowed to be in published materials, in works of literary art and production, in the creation of facts about ethnic groups, and in art that would tear the country apart into opposing hostile ethnic groups�. He also said in the address that the prospect of �Russian society being ripped apart or not, to a high degree will depend on the conduct of the Russian mass media�. The document was signed by leaders of VGTRK, the radio company �The Voice of Russia�, the Russia Today TV channel, the Interfax information agency, the Izvestia newspaper, The Russian Gazeta, The Komsomolkskaya Pravda, The Moscow Komsomolt�sa, the federal agency of printing and mass communication, �Gazprom media� the �Prof-Media� company, ID �7 days�, �Video International�, �MediaUnion�, The Guild of periodic publishers and printers etc.

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