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Skinhead Received Life-Sentence for Killing Nanny and Child

A Belgian adolescent agreed to accept life imprisonment for killing a woman from Mali, and the two year-old who was under her care. The woman was working in Antwerp as a nanny, BBC reports.

May 11th, 2006, eighteen year-old Hans van Themsche opened fire on a street in Antwerp. At first, the criminal wounded a Turkish woman in the neck without cause, and then killed the African woman and the little girl who was walking with her when she started to cry. Police, who by chance appeared on the scene, wounded the attacker in the stomach.

Later van Themsche stated to police that he was hopping to kill as a minimum five foreigners before dying from police bullets. Jurors do not agree with the reasoning of the young man�s lawyers, being convinced that he is not psychologically sound. The adolescent in no way reacted upon his being sentenced.

According to facts from the law-enforcement agency, the father of the skinhead was one of the founders of the no-longer existing anti-migration party Vlaams Blok, and the defendant�s aunt represents the legal successor of this part, the Vlaams Belang movement.

After last year�s event, Belgian legislation regarding arms sales was stiffened. Subsequently, a anti-racist march was held in Antwerp and drew about 20 000 people.

Source: lenta.ru

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