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Intolerance Towards Different Ethnicities and Religions: Formation of Special Subdivisions (SPU) In Ukraine for the Fight Against Xenophobia

Racial intolerance, incidents of attacks on foreigners, infringements on the rights of representatives of minorities: In regions of Ukraine, the formation of special subdivisions of the Security Service on the fight against xenophobia has begun. Representatives of diasporas believe that residents of various regions of the country behave differently towards people of different nationalities and religions.

Intolerance towards other ethnicities and religions are a problem for modern Ukraine. At the end of October, an 11 year -old boy was burned at a Jewish school. A week ago in Zaporozh, local skinheads carried out a massacre in an abandoned lot- about 150 young people fought with a similar number of Indian students. In the Kharkovsky region, radical manifestations of xenophobia are almost an exception, according to law enforcement agencies and representatives of diverse diasporas. The head rabbi of Karkov, Moishe Moskovich, considers that the first capital can serve as an example of tolerant relations to ethnic minorities.

Source: "Objectiv"

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