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Meeting in Memory of the Victims of Massive Jewish Pogroms During the Occupation of Stalingrad

On the 20th of November in Volgograd a meeting of remembrance will take place on the 8th of March Square. Its organizer is the Volgograd Jewish Community Centre. At the meeting, a memorial tablet will be laid in front of the head rabbi of Russia. They are planning to erect a monument to all the Jews who were executed by the fascists during the occupation of 1942.

This particular place was decided upon because, according to the archival evidence, it was the place where they buried the Jews that had been murdered en masse. According to the museum �The Fight for Stalingrad�, across from the March of 8th square, Germans had set up a command centre. In the small back-garden, Germans massacred peaceful citizens.

According to numerous memoirs and documents from the Commission on the Evil Acts of Fascists in Stalingrad Oblast, Germans dug two holes in the garden. One of them became a mass Jewish grave. In the other one they buried other peaceful people murdered by the Fascists. After the end of the fighting, the remains of soldiers of the 57 and 64 armies were buried in the �non-Jewish� grave. These military divisions carried out operations of liquidation against the enemy groups. They then brought all the remains of other military burial places from Dzerzhinski City. Thus, the number of remains buried in the square grew to 2500.

In 1943 a temporary wooden monument was constructed on the grave of the soldiers, which in 1947 was changed to a brick obelisk. In 1959 under the leadership of the architect B.G. Goldman, the current monument was constructed.

The mass Jewish grave until now has been only marked on geodetic maps. Now there is just a flower bed there.

At the end of the year the Jewish Community Centre intends to announce a contest for the best idea for a new monument. The completion of the statue is planned for next year, the 65th anniversary of the victory of the Battle of Stalingrad.

It is necessary for the victims! It is our duty for their memory, for us, and for our children! The idea of establishing a monument on the place of a massive Jewish grave is supported by the Moscow fund �Holocaust� and the Jerusalem museum �Yad Va Shem�.

The meeting of remembrance will take place on the 20th of November 2007 at 3PM.

On The 8th of March Square, Central district, (on Chapayeva and Kubanska streets). For information call:

(844-2) 94-19-93, 93-19-80

e-mail e-mail [email protected]

Source: The Volgograd Jewish Community Centre

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