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In Kalmykia a Chechen war begins

The situation around the village Yandyki, where last night Kalmyks and Chechens had a mass beating, has worsened. More Kalmyks and Chechens are approaching the village. They are confronted by militia officers, special assignment units and army forces. Although law enforcers claim that the situation is under control, the people still fear a new and even more savage outbreak of violence.

On Friday, army forces and special assignment units circled Yandyki, the village where the mass riots took place. The authorities declare that everything is under control and there will be no more riots. The main roads to the village have been closed by the army. In the village an investigatory group, which is aims to clarify the circumstances surrounding and reasons for the mass beating between Chechens and Kalmyks, began its work. On Friday, the deputy Chief Public Prosecutor of Russia, Nikolai Shepel� arrived to personally supervise the case.

According to information provided by the law-enforcement agencies, some days ago about one hundred Chechens arrived at the village and started a mass beating with the local residents. In a night club, 20 to 25 people attacked 24-year-old Nikolai Boldyrev. In the course of the fight Nikolai Boldyrev was shot in the head and died. After that, OMON (Militia Detachment of Special Designation) officers arrested 14 people who had taken part in the fight. The Office of the Public Prosecutor of the Limanski District filed a criminal charge according to art. 212 (�Mass riots�) and art. 109 (�Involuntary manslaughter�) of the Russian Criminal Code. On August 18th, about one hundred relatives and friends arrived from the village Lagan� to attend the funeral of the murdered Kalmyk.

After the funeral an aggressive mood arose among the Kalmyks. Local residents joined the mourners and a crowd of 300 people went to the village where they beat up Chechens and burned their houses.

Law enforcement agencies state the 8 houses were set on fire during the riots, six of which burned to the ground. Several dozens of people were injured, including six militia officers who tried to prevent the riots. Six people were hospitalized while others received medical treatment at the scene.

On Thursday evening in the Limanski District, where the village Yandyki is situated, all militia leaders of the region, SOBR (Special Detachment for Quick Reaction) and OMON forces and army troops came together, as well as representatives of the region�s administration and public prosecution. The investigations into the incident were lead by the public prosecutor of the region, Evegeni Volkolupov, who affirmed that �right now the situation in the village is totally under control of the local authorities�.

According to information of the region�s Office of the Public Prosecutor, eleven people were arrested for having taken part in the riots. They are facing a fine for administrative law violation. Another was arrested, suspected of savagery. Criminal cases regarding the riots in Yandyki are filed according to three articles at one time: �Savagery�, �Mass riots� and �Murder�.

In spite of the fact that the village is encircled, the local authorities fear that the riots might continue.

According to information of the regions� administration, Chechens and Kalmyks keep approaching the village in cars and trucks. It is not improbable that they will continue to try sorting out their relationship.

Now all the streets leading from Kalmykia to the Astrakhan� Region are closed monitored by army posts (the village is situated not far from the border).

According to information of the Ministry of the Interior of Kalmykia, natives from the Caucasus who look suspicious are not allowed to enter the republic. As the news agency �Interfax� reports, in some villages in Kalmykia citizens are spontaneously gathering and discussing what happens. Residents of villages close to the border try to make their way to Yandyki on rural roads.

In the village itself, Chechen houses are encircled by militia and army forces. More than 1500 militia officers and soldiers, including a special detachment unit from the Ministry of Justice, various army forces, marines and about 70 members of the regiment-on-duty service of the militia were sent to the village. At the same time, more forces are arriving every hour. On Friday, another 400 militia officers from the neighboring Saratov and Volgograd Regions arrived.

�Gazeta.ru� will keep reporting about the incident in Yandyki.


Source: gazeta.ru

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