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Student from Kenya assaulted in Voronezh

In the center of Voronezh the Kenyan student Asin Abdul Salim was assaulted last Sunday night. This announced a source from the Central Administration Board of Internal Affairs of the Voronezh oblast on Monday. пїЅThe attack on the foreigner was committed by two high school pupilsпїЅ. At present it is being discussed if the two young people should be prosecuted for пїЅhooliganismпїЅ. According to a preliminary version the attack on the foreigner was committed only 300 meters from that place, where a student from Guinea-Bissau was killed on February the 21st. On September 30th the Voronezh oblast court pronounced the sentence in this murder case. Two accused persons were found guilty of пїЅplanned murder, committed by a group of persons on the basis of racial or ethnic hatredпїЅ and sentenced to 17 and 10 years in a penal colony. An under age accused was sentenced to 9 years in a reformatory prison. Besides, they have to pay 150, 000 rubles to the father of the murdered student.

Source: Gazeta.Ru

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