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Kiev condemns maintenance of registration for Ukrainians in Russia

The Russian declaration that abolishing registration for Ukrainian citizens would be unreasonable, contradicts with the treaty on the liberalization of border traffic between the two countries. This was announced by the chief of the press department of the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Markian Lubkivsky.

"Such a declaration runs counter to those treaties which have been signed on top levelпїЅ, he said on a briefing on Tuesday (пїЅ).

According to Lubkivsky, on the Ukrainian-Russian summit in Moscow on Saturday, where the presidents and prime ministers met, a simplification of the border traffic was discussed.

"ThatпїЅs why this declaration runs counter to our plans to liberalize the border traffic and the stay of our citizens on Russian territoryпїЅ, emphasized Lubkivsky.

Source: Interfax

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