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Meeting with the Representatives of Ministry of Internal Affairs and with Migratory Departments of the CIS held in Moscow

A meeting with the representatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and with the migratory departments of the CIS was held in Moscow in which the head of the Federal migratory service, Konstantin Romodanovsky, informed that up to 20 million illegal migrants move to Russia annually, mostly from the countries of the former USSR. It represents a threat to the national safety, declared the head of the Federal Migration Service as it is a breeding ground for xenophobia and radical nationalism.

Besides that, in the opinion of Romodanovsky, international criminal syndicates use Russia as a transit country for the smuggling of illegal migrants from African and Asian countries to Western European countries, which threaten to deteriorate the security conditions in the country.

Statistically, the majority of migrants who work in Russia violate the law. "They are not included in the state statistics and are excluded from the official employment system and taxation. This means a life in the illegal sector of the economy or working in the underground by committing crimes", - quotes BBCRussian.com from Romodanovsky.

Last year, more than 1.5 million foreign citizens and persons without citizenship violated the Russian migratory legislation, being a responsibility of the administration. Over 70 thousand foreigners who broke migratory legislation are expelled from the country after judicial verdicts.

Source: IBK.RU
Issued by: Moscow Bureau of Human Rights

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