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Picket in Memory of Timur Kacharava in St. Petersburg

November 13th, 2007. A picket was held in memory of Timur Kacharava, on location where the anti-fascist was killed.

The organization Memorial from St. Petersburg organized the event. Approximately 200 people took part in the event, among which were friends and relatives of the deceased, as well as representatives of public associations.

Those who gathered laid flowers on the site, lit candles and handed out leaflets. About five police officers observed the event, but did not disrupt those who attended.

The text of the leaflets which were handed out at the picket contains information on T. Kacharava, stating that he �revealed a shocking list of anti-fascists activists who had died at the hands of Nazi-killers who attacked in armed hoards, provoked by aggression and terror�. �In all cases, the attackers were arrested after investigation (those who attacked T. Kacharava, A. Riukhin and S. Korepanov have already been accused), not in one of these cases, however, were the attackers accused of killing a number of people premeditatedly with the motive of hatred. In all of the cases, sufficient material demonstrated that the crime was linked to Nazi groups which had declared a lethal war against anti-fascists� told the leaflet.

Source: SOVA Center

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