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Interethnic Information Forum �INTEGRATION OF FOREIGN NATIONALS - 2007� Began November 14th in Moscow

The forum, organized by the Ministry of Regional Development of the Russian Federation and in the framework of the state program of assistance for voluntary migration of foreign nationals in the Russian Federation.

Goals of the Forum:

1. Analyzing the course of realization of the State program for offering assistance for voluntary migration within the Russian Federation for foreign nationals who are living in regions of the Russian Federation;

1. Relaying the best results of the work with foreign nationals of Russia and in other countries;

2. Seeking out a route of the most effective resolution of the issues of adaptation and integration of foreign nationals;

3. Increasing the roles of institutes of civil society and ethnic public associations in advancing the idea of tolerance and offering assistance in the integration of foreign nationals;

4. Discussing the State program on voluntary migration of foreign nationals who live abroad, developing resolutions for issues of preparation for the passage in the country of future residence and upon arrival to Russia;

5. Producing methods or programs for the development and popularization of the idea of tolerance in relation of foreign nationals in Russian regions.

Representatives of the following agencies appeared on the first day of the forum: the Ministry of Regional Development, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Federal Migration Service, the Committee of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly on Cooperation of Independent States in liaison with foreign nationals, the Federal Service for Labor and Employment, the Commission of the Public Congress of the Russian Federation on Tolerance and Freedom of Conscience, the governor of Kaliningrad oblast and representatives of public associations.

In the framework of the forum, the Center for Interethnic Cooperation will lead a seminar-training �Tolerance, Conflict Resolution and the Preventative Maintenance of Xenophobia� for representatives of local institutions of autonomous regions of the Russian Federation on November 15th.

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