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Stop assaults on those who are different

NOVI SAD, SERBIA (July 13th 2007) Youth Initiative for Human Rights seriously condemns brutal assault on the participants of the Caravan of Differences, organized as part of the international campaign of NGO network "All Different - All Equal". After the assault, one of the visitors from Israel ended up in ER surgery.

The barbarian violent act was committed by a neo-Nazi group, which characterized this incident on their website as the first in a series of planned attacks to take place during the EXIT music festival.

We demand from the Mayor of Novi Sad, Mrs. Maja Gojkovic, from city authorities and from the police to ensure maximum security measures and ensure the safety of all citizens of Novi Sad and of all visitors of EXIT.

"We use this opportunity to remind the public that a theater group from Italy was also assailed last year during their public performance; actors of the Youth Theater were also beaten up. We do not want to see Novi Sad as a city in which artists and those who seem different are beaten up", said Ivana Radakov, Coordinator of the YIHR Vojvodina office.

The Caravan of Difference will depart the city today at 7pm. The YIHR invites all citizens to join it and thus openly show their rejection of fascist-like behavior in Novi Sad.

Source: Youth Initiative for Human Rights

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