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Hundred Armenians got stuck in Georgia - Many of them in serious condition

In the village Ergneti at the Ossetian-Georgian border the Georgian police stopped and does not let pass through two Armenian busses with dozens of passengers and three cars, in total about 100 people of Armenian nationality. They came from Russia through the Rokskiy tunnel and are going to travel to Armenia passing South Ossetia and Georgia.

As our correspondent was informed in Tskhinvali, the people are in great misery. Many of them, including children, got ill during the travel and need medical help. Among the people who got stuck is one pregnant woman. As announced one of the пїЅtravelersпїЅ, Anna Karapetian (name changed by the editorial office), a teacher from Leninakan, the Georgian police told them пїЅArmenians have no permission to pass Georgian territory, because Kocharian is friends with Putin and he should first think about who he is friends withпїЅ.

In one bus there are about 30 persons, 12 of them little children; three of them are ill. The 18- year-old Ovsep Petrosian canпїЅt move, because his legs have swelled up after standing a very long time. Yesterday the passengers asked South Ossetian physicians for medical help, which has been rendered. A South Ossetian military post, which is situated nearby, supplies the passengers with food and water as far as this is possible.

We remind that after the closing of the checkpoint пїЅVerkhniy LarsпїЅ at the Georgian-Russian border, a lot of travelers had to continue their way to Armenia through the Rokskiy tunnel between Russia and South Ossetia. The travelers, however, already on their approach to Georgian territory were confronted with measures against smuggling by the Georgian authorities. It is well known that Georgia regards the checkpoint as part of a smuggling route. Therefore many Georgian analysts state that the closing of пїЅVerkhniy LarsпїЅ had as its object to lead the massive passenger and goods traffic, in particular the Armenian, across the Rokskiy pass. In practice this might run counter to the mentioned above measures against smuggling, and, in addition, cause damage to the Georgian-Armenian relations.

Source: IпїЅ REGNUM

пїЅ 1993-2003

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