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National-patriotic organizations carried out meeting in the Moscow city center

On Saturday national-patriotic organizations carried out a mass meeting in the Moscow city center. About 200 people gathered in the Tverskaya Street in order to speak out for the protection of the well known nationalist Boris Mironov, who was investigated upon because of kindling interethnic hostility.

As eyewitnesses reported the participants of the meeting had no slogan, and no banners. The people crowded in small groups and emotionally discussed Russian reality. Their basic requirement was the closure of the criminal prosecution against Mironov.

The former chairman of the Russian State Committee for Print Media Boris Mironov was a candidate for the Governor�s post of the Novosibirsk Region and lead his pre-election campaign with radical patriotic positions. The Office of Public Prosecutor became interested in him after he had released his propaganda collection. Its contents correspond with the slogan on its first page: �I rather get my hand cut off, than to vote for a bloody Jew.�

Source: Ekho Moskvy

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