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In Russian Regions actions against Anti-Semitism and Fascism were carried out

Tbilisi, November 15 - PIA �Novosti�, Marina Kvaratskheliya. Monday marked 60 years of deportations of Turkish-Meskhetins from Georgia to Central Asia. Questions about the return of the migrants to Georgia began in 1999 before Georgia�s entrance into the Council of Europe (CE).

It has absolutely been agreed by Georgia and the CE that leaders of the republic must decide upon questions of the return of Turkish-Meskhetins by 2015.

�The problem lies within the fact that the hope to return to Georgia is expressed by a great number of migrants. At this time the republic is unable accept Turkish-Meskhetins. In Georgia there are 300,000 migrants forced from the Tskinvalsckoy region and Abkhazia,� said Lali Papiashvili, PIA �Novosti� Vice-president of the Parliamentary Committee on the Question of Human Rights.

According to Papiashvili, �it is impossible at this time for the republic to accept migrants from Central Asia and secure their accommodation.�

Source: www.jewish.ru

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