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Action against Anti-Semitism in Voronezh

The action �Nevermore!� was timed to coincide with the opening of an anti-fascist poster exhibition in the exhibition hall of the Russian Artist Union. Accompanied by Beatles songs YHRM (Youth Human Rights Movement) activists asked passengers to inset glass splitters into a window showing the European antifascist symbol.

�Three arrows in a circle�, that�s the �visiting card� of the German activists against racism and intolerance. In this case the arrows also indicate the antifascist posters presented by the organizers. For one week by-passers can watch inside the window of the exhibition hall European and Russian posters, which are devoted to the fight against racism and fascism, and also the awarded works of the international graphic competition �Postoronnim vkhod razreshon!� (Free admittance!). The YHRM activists offered the by-passers colored paper clips with the sign of solidarity with antifascists on it. (�)

From November 9th to 16th, in 18 regions of Russia and the CIS, the Youth Human Rights Movement carries out a series of activities in memorial of these events: �Kristallnacht - Nevermore!� In Voronezh during this week there will be lessons on the issue of Anti-Semitism in schools, and at universities there will be lectures on the contemporary antifascist movement. In addition, on November 12th, 15th and 16th YHRM, in cooperation with the project Art House will show the movies �Nazi�, �The pianist� and �American History X� in the cinema �Illusion�.

Voronezh is also awaiting the action �Clean city�: Youth groups will go out and clean the cities streets of swastikas and statements that arouse ethnic and religious enmity.

Source: www.jewish.ru

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