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Vecherniy Novosibirsk (Newspaper: Novosibirsk Evening Post)

Village skinheads

The partially burned body of a male person was found in a piece of woodlands near the village Kievka in the Bolotinskiy district. The police soon found out his identity, it turned out to be a 30-year-old merchant from the district center.

Since last Sunday the Criminal Investigators� team cleared up the circumstances of his death. He arrived in Kievka the evening before the incident to buy a wholesale of potatoes. In the house of the woman he visited, a party was going on. The hostesses� son and two of his friends assaulted the guest as soon as they realized �a person of Caucasian nationality�. A fight started, but in the beginning the merchant managed to escape. The enraged trio got him in the outskirts of the village and the fight continued.

Having beaten up their victim, the criminals poured the lifeless body over with gasoline and set him on fire. All three were arrested; further investigations are introduced.

� 1993-2003

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