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Three Turkish citizens beaten up in Moscow

Unknown criminals have beaten up three Turkish citizens in Moscow, reported a source at GUVD [Office for Internal Affairs]. According to a statement, early on the morning of November 7 police were called to the attention of 32 year-old Turkish citizen, construction worker Burgai Siradzhy.

�He stated that a few minutes ago, near his home at 44 Bolshoi Tulskoy street six unknown persons attacked him and his friends, who are also Turkish citizens,� said the source at GUVD. The offenders stole 100 rubles from the Turks, and then escaped.

The victims were given medical attention, and medical officials treated one of the victims for a lacerated upper lip, while another victim was treated for a fractured jaw, said the source. All three were taken to the First medical hospital. This case has been brought to the attention of the office criminal affairs.

Source: www.interfax.ru

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